Friday, February 18, 2011

House Votes to Strip Planned Parenthood of Federal Funding

Amendment Passes Despite Stunning Personal Testimony From Rep. Jackie Speier
Rep. Jackie Speier, D-CA

The House of Representatives Friday passed a measure to end federal funding for abortion provider Planned Parenthood a day after Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif., brought the chamber to stunned silence after describing her own personal experience with abortion

Friday afternoon, the House passed the amendment by a vote of 240-185. The vote was generally along party lines, with all but seven Republicans voting against the cut, and 10 Democrats voting in favor. One Republican voted present.

The House must still vote for final passage on the underlying spending bill before the cuts head to the Senate for a possible vote later this month.

The measure would eliminate cutting about $330 million through the end of September for preventative-health services, including federal funding for contraception and cancer screenings, at Planned Parenthood clinics across the country. -- Matthew Jaffee and John Parkinson, ABC News

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The War on Israeli Goods

Ahava: Popular target for anti-IsraelisPhoto: Oded Klein
‪‪Boycott movement fails to make financial impact but damages Israel's global image‬‬

Trionfale Market, suburban Rome. A dozen activists dressed in produce vendor outfits bearing the logo of Israeli produce exporter Carmel Agrexco descend upon the street, offering shoppers avocado smeared with blood.

"Madam, buy our avocado and support the occupation," one of them yells towards a spectator. "The color of the avocado is red because the water that we Israelis steal is so good.

"It's the best water in Palest... oh, Israel. Buy Carmel. It's very tasty," he adds.

Carmel Agrexco:
Protets haven't hurt sales
Some passersby ignore the spectacle, while others take interest, asking to look at brochures that the activists distributed.

This anti-Israeli protest is only a fraction of the growing movement that uses demonstrations and media outlets to promote the boycott of Israeli products across Europe. This is not a new phenomenon, but its effects on the Israeli economy are marginal. It has been far more damaging when it comes to the negative image that it spreads. -- ‪Yedioth Ahronoth‬, YNet News

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Qaddafi’s Captive

Photographer Rafram Chadad (right) arriving at Ben Gurion airport
with Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, August 9, 2010.

Yossi Zamir-Pool/Getty Images
When Israeli artist Rafram Chadad visited Libya to document its once-thriving Jewish community, he was accused of espionage and put in jail. Now free, he tells of his five months in captivity.

 Late last March, a series of confounding and conspicuously opaque news reports began to appear in the Israeli press regarding an Israeli citizen who had vanished in North Africa. While the initial reports were hazy and facilitated an inevitable surge of innuendo and speculation, they were eventually all suppressed by the government censor, who decided to enforce a complete media blackout on the story. -- Yoav Fromer, The Tablet 

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How to Throw a Jewish Oscar Party

With so many Jews among the nominees,  is this the right year for a little l'chayim at your Oscar party?
(Edmon J. Rodman)
With so many famous Jewish names among the Academy Awards nominees this year -- Coen, Cohen, Eisenberg, Aronofsky, Sorkin and Newman, to name a few -- it seems like a good time for a Jewish Oscar party.

But how to make an Oscar party Jewish? -- Edmon J. Rodman, JTA

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Florida Survivors Shift Course on Insurance Giant Allianz

Allianz protesters in Florida

These aging Holocaust survivors were teed off.

Last Sunday, on a cool Florida morning, an estimated 75 survivors and their supporters gathered on a street corner here just outside the gates of Old Course at the Broken Sound Country Club. Inside, professional golfers on the senior tour were competing in the fifth annual Allianz Championship.

The unusual site of Holocaust survivors holding aloft large signs upbraiding the German insurance giant Allianz was in some ways their last-ditch effort for justice from a company that was admittedly complicit with the Nazi regime.
-- Stewart Ain, NY Jewish Week

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Accused Nazi Killer Charged in Budapest

Hungary has filed war crimes charges against Sandor Kepiro for his role in the murder of civilians near Novi Sad, Serbia, during World War II.

Kepiro, 96, was charged Monday for involvement in the murder of some 1,200 Jews, Serbs and Gypsies during a raid by the wartime Hungarian Gendarmerie at Novi Sad in 1942.

The announcement marks an end to five years of investigation prompted by the handover of material to prosecutors in Budapest in 2006 by Efraim Zuroff, head of the Simon Wiesenthal Center's Israel office. -- JTA

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Israel Hosts Students Forced to Flee Egypt

The Rothberg International School
at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Seventeen displaced American college students, who were forced to leave Egypt amid the political turmoil, are now studying at Israeli universities.

The Rothberg International School at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has placed 12 students into its program. Another five American students - who planned to do a student exchange program in Cairo - are at the International School at the University of Haifa.

The displaced students now studying in Jerusalem come from Princeton University, Vanderbilt University, University of California Schools, Michigan State University, and Allegheny University. -- Viva Sarah Press, Israel21c

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A "Tugboat" for Airplanes that Saves Money and the Environment

Israel Aircraft Industries' unique towing system for airplanes to save jet fuel is really taking off with pilots, and environmentalists love it too.
Israel Aircraft Industries put a crew of 26 on the Taxibot project, the first product of its kind in the world.

The idea has been around for a while, but engineers weren't able to make it work. At least as far as Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) knows, the Taxibot Dispatch Towing system is the world's first tugboat-like way to tow both wide and narrow body commercial airplanes to taxi to and from the gate and the runway without the use of their jet engines.

Developed and tested in a joint venture with Airbus, the environmentally friendly semi-robotic towing system could potentially reduce annual fuel costs from $8 billion to less than $2 billion, carbon dioxide emissions from 18 billion tons to less than two million tons per year and noise emissions by a significant margin....

Instead of running the engine as the plane taxis to the runway... jets outfitted with Taxibot won't have to turn on the engine until minutes before takeoff. A Boeing 747 can burn through a ton of jet fuel for every 17 minutes it's taxiing. -- Karin Kloosterman, Israel21c

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Once Again, Lobbyists Mobilize To Oppose Limits On Abortion

Jewish groups are signing letters, dispatching lobbyists and mobilizing grass roots efforts in opposition to a wave of proposals being pushed by the newly installed Republican majority in the House of Representatives, to restrict abortion and family-planning funding.

The Jewish groups are alarmed about proposals that would bar government funding of abortions for low-income women, effectively ban abortion coverage in upcoming health-insurance exchanges, and penalize subscribers to private insurance plans that cover abortion. Another proposal would prevent health care organizations such as Planned Parenthood that perform abortions with private funds from receiving any public dollars through the national-family planning program.

“These bills are probably the greatest threat to women’s rights that we’ve seen since pre-Roe,” said Nancy Ratzan, president of the National Council of Jewish Women, referring to the landmark Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade, which first legalized abortion nationally in 1973. “This is a huge moment, and we’re using every resource we’ve got.” -- Joy Resmovits, The Forward

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Why Is Patrilineal Descent not Catching on in Reform Worldwide?

Panelists at a session of the
World Union for Progressive Judaism biennial
in San Francisco discuss their countries'
Reform movement policies
on patrilineal Jews, Feb. 9, 2011.
(World Union for Progressive Judaism)
For three decades now, the American Jewish Reform movement has considered as Jewish the child of a Jewish father and non-Jewish mother who is raised as a Jew.

But most Reform Jews in the rest of the world still do not accept “patrilineal descent.”

That makes the debate about “Who is a Jew” not just between the Orthodox-dominated Israeli Rabbinate and American Jewish liberal movements, but also between American Reform Judaism and most of the Diaspora. -- Sue Fishkoff, JTA

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Former Jerusalem Report Editor to Head New Hillel Center

Sharon Ashley tapped to direct center described as “keystone of Hillel’s new approach to engaging, educating and advocating for Israel on campus.”

Sharon Ashley, former editor-in-chief of The Jerusalem Report, has been tapped to direct Hillel’s new Center for Israel Engagement, the organization announced Tuesday.

Hillel, in a statement detailing the appointment, described the center as “the keystone of Hillel’s new approach to engaging, educating and advocating for Israel on campus.”

The university-oriented group said its mission would include educating college students about Israel; creating a group of “influential, proactive and knowledgeable staff;” and encouraging trips to Israel. -- Hilary Leila Krieger, Jerusalem Post

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Message from Our International President, Rita Wertlieb

Dear Friends:
Last evening, during the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations mission to Israel, Executive Director Sarrae Crane and I viewed a film that provides great insight into the dangers that Iran poses not only to Israel but to the world at large.
The film is available online for no charge at
Please take the time to watcn it and share it with every one you know. I will be sharing more information about the mission when I return.
Rita Wertlieb,

Profiles of Our Fallen

1st Lt. Roslyn L. Schulte
Reflecting on the Lives of the American Jewish Service Members Who Died Fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan

Later this year, the United States will mark the 10th anniversary of its military involvement in Afghanistan. March 20 will mark the eighth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. The Department of Defense reports that, as of February 7, 5,775 members of the U.S. armed forces have been killed in these theaters of war.

American Jews make up only a fraction of those casualties — by a reliable count, 37 men and women who lost their lives in combat. Experts say the number of Jews may be higher, as some soldiers don’t declare their religion, especially when serving in Muslim countries. Among the Jewish dead are the first female airman to die in Iraq and the only member of the U.S. Coast Guard killed in action since the Vietnam War.

All volunteered to fight in two wars whose cost in lives and treasure have largely been ignored by the Jewish community, and in the nation as a whole. That is why the Forward is telling their stories. The latest death occurred less than a year ago, reminding us that this tragic story is continuing to unfold. — Jane Eisner, The Forward

Video and tributes by Maia Efrem, The Forward

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pe’er Back in Dubai For Tennis Tourney

Pe’er during her victorious singles match on February 15.
Michael Regan/Getty Images
Israeli tennis player Shahar Pe’er (currently world-ranked number 11, the highest-ever for an Israeli), who became a cause célèbre when she was banned in 2009 from playing in the annual Dubai tournament, is back in the U.A.E. city—which got the message after Venus Williams threatened to boycott and allowed Pe’er to compete last year and this—and has won her first singles and doubles matches.

Last year in Dubai, Pe’er defeated Danish superstar Caroline Wozniacki—then the world’s top-ranked player, currently the world’s second-ranked. -- Marc Tracy, The Scoll via Tablet Magazine

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A Birth Control Pill for Men

Biochemist Prof. Haim Breitbart
hopes a new birth control pill for men
could be on the market in as little as five years..
 By jamming the biochemical machinery of sperm, an Israeli professor has created a new pill that could finally place the responsibility of birth control with men.

Prof. Haim Breitbart of Israel's Bar-Ilan University authored a breakthrough paper in 2006 describing how sperm survive in the uterus. Now the biochemist is taking those findings and using them against sperm. He's developed a number of novel compounds that have no affect on male sex drive, but succeed in impairing the reproductive ability of the sperm....

So far, the new pill dubbed the Bright Pill (a play on Brietbart's name) has been tested on animal models in a pre-clinical setting, and has been found to work wonderfully on mice. -- Karin Kloosterman, Israel21c

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Modern Orthodox Canadian Convert Denied Right to Make Aliyah by Israel's Sephardi Chief Rabbi

Thomas and Ortal Dohlan with their four children.
Photo: Archive
The question of who is a Jew is left in hands of Sephardic Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar.

Next week Thomas Dohlan will end five years in a Canadian Air Force ground crew and leave his military career, at the same time breaking a commitment to serve 20 additional years. The 24-year-old has been waiting a long time to realize his dream of immigrating with his Israeli wife Ortal and their four children.

Dohlan is ready to move to Haifa, but this week he received a letter from the Interior Ministry informing him his request to be immigrate had been denied.

The denial comes in the wake of a ruling by Sephardic Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar that the Orthodox conversion Dohlan undertook a year ago is "unacceptable."

He was informed that he could enter the country on a temporary visa, if he chooses, as the husband of an Israeli citizen. -- Yair Ettinger, Haaretz

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Bandage That Helped Save Lives in Giffords' Shooting Has Israeli Backstory

A page from the First Care website showing how to apply
the "Israeli bandage," credited with saving lives
after a gunman targeted Rep. Gabrielle Giffords
on Jan. 8, 2011. (FirstCare Products)
After Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head a month ago, an Israeli innovation invented by an American immigrant to Israel may have helped save her life.

First responders credited the emergency bandage colloquially known as “the Israeli bandage” with saving lives in the aftermath of the shooting in Tucson, Ariz., that left six dead and 13 wounded.
-- Ron Kampeas, JTA

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End of the Line for Holocaust-Themed Films?

This is the first year in at least half a century that not a single Oscar or Golden Globe entry has focused on the horrors of the Shoah.

Equally ignored, with one peripheral exception, are films on World War II and the Nazi regime....

While one year’s film output does not necessarily mark a trend, it may be even more significant that among the 65 foreign-language films vying for Oscar honors, which often reflect the present moods and concerns of their respective countries, none deal with that historic era....

While some current foreign entries touch on themes of war, oppression and resistance, the time frame has shifted from the 1930s and ‘40s to postwar communist and other dictatorships and to recent genocides.

Israel’s film industry, which came tantalizingly close to picking up its first Oscar by making the final five cut in each of the past three years, struck out this time with “The Human Resources Manager.” -- Tom Tugend, JTA

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World’s First Skyscraper Sought to Intimidate Masses

The world’s first skyscraper was built by early farmers in Jericho,
who were frightened into erecting a solar marker
by mankind’s early bosses, archaeologists say.
Photo by: Travelujah
Long before its Biblical walls came tumbling down, Jericho’s residents were being enticed to give up hunting and gathering and start farming for a living. They settled in this oasis next to the Jordan River and built a mysterious 8.5-meter (28-foot) stone tower on the edge of town.

When discovered by archaeologists in 1952, it was dated at over 11,000 years old, making it the first and oldest public building even found. But its purpose and the motivation for erecting it has been debated ever since.

Now, using comp
Now, using computer technology, Israeli archaeologists are saying it was built to mark the summer solstice and as a symbol that would entice people to abandon their nomadic ways and settle down. --

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Pollard Four

Kenneth Lasson has helped coordinate
the new push for Jonathan Pollard’s commutation.
The movement to win presidential commutation for convicted spy Jonathan Pollard has picked up some big names in recent weeks and new momentum. It’s happening thanks in large measure to an informal coalition of Pollard activists who have mapped out a new strategy for winning his release after 25 years in prison.

That strategy involves strong personal appeals from former high-ranking officials who have a personal familiarity with the case, said University of Baltimore law professor Kenneth Lasson, a longtime Pollard activist and one of four men behind the new push.

The latest to appeal to President Obama: former Vice President Dan Quayle...

Other letters have been written by former Secretary of State George Schultz, former Attorney General Michael Mukasey and former Sen. Dennis DeConcini (R-Ariz.), who chaired the Select Intelligence Committee. --James D. Besser, The NY Jewish Week

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Israel Forging Its Own Fashion Tradition

   Designs by Shenkar students have been scooped up by the
likes of Donna Karan, Roberto Cavalli and Diane von Furstenberg.

Despite Israel's distance from global fashion centers, the fashion department at Shenkar College is world-renowned and made the list of the world's Top 50 fashion schools.

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A Plan for Peace That Still Could Be

In Principle
Abbas and Olmert at talks
in Annapolis, Md., in 2007,
intended to revivify the peace process.
Doug Mills/The New York Times
The street demonstrations roiling the Arab world have riveted and moved many Americans, who have visions of democracy sweeping through northern Africa and the Middle East...

Yet amid this turmoil are opportunities, not the least of which is precisely the chance to end the Israeli occupation and found a Palestinian state. A viable plan exists: it is waiting to be forged from the far-reaching proposals that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority made to each other in 2008. -- Bernard Avishai, NY Times Magazine

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Poll: 42% Say Judaism Treats Women Well

Half of Jewish public polled by Joint Ynet-Yesodot survey believes Judaism isn’t egalitarian towards women, but more so than other religions‬‬

The survey, which was conducted by the Panels Institute, polled 504 respondents representative of the adult Jewish population in Israel....

Asked whether Judaism is egalitarian in its attitude towards men and women, 47% answered it was not; 29% replied there was a moderate level of equality; and 24% said Judaism was egalitarian.

Analysis shows that the haredim (79%) and the religious public (58%) believe there is equality while the seculars replied there was none (58%). A gender analysis revealed that 29% of men believe that Judaism is egalitarian as opposed to only 19% of women.

How does Judaism measure in comparison with other faiths? 42% said it was very egalitarian; 31% stated it was the same as other religions; and 27% said men were favored more in Judaism than in other religions. Haredim (87%), the religious (77%) and traditionalists (52%) believe that Judaism is more egalitarian than other faiths while most seculars either believe it is as egalitarian or less than other faiths. -- YNet News

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Egypt Reportedly Losing Control of Sinai to Beduin

Israelis urged to return home for fear that peninsula will become launching pad for terror attacks as Egyptian police abandon posts.

Concern is mounting in Israel over reports that the Egyptian police force has abandoned the Sinai Peninsula in face of growing Beduin violence, and that the territory will turn into a breeding ground for global jihad.

According to information that has arrived in Israel, Egyptian police authorities have abandoned dozens of police stations throughout the peninsula after they were attacked by Beduin armed with missiles and assault rifles.

This concern was behind Israel’s decision two weeks ago to allow the deployment of 800 Egyptian soldiers in Sharm e-Sheikh and Rafah. Additional requests since then have been rejected. -- Yaakov Katz, Jerusalem Post 

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Swift Help for Epilepsy

EpiLert is based on a sensor that can detect
the limb movements associated with an epileptic seizure.
Each year, it is estimated that several thousand epilepsy patients in the United States alone will die or suffer severe brain damage from an unattended epileptic seizure....

There is an urgent need for patients to be able to notify caregivers or medical staff about the onset of a seizure. Studies have shown that getting care during a seizure can prevent many more serious problems from occurring. However, someone in the grip of an attack, particularly a child, cannot call for help.

This could all be about to change with the development of a new medical device by an Israeli startup. Known as EpiLert, the device comprises a bracelet that automatically sends an alert signal to caregivers when a person goes into an epileptic seizure. --  Bernard Dichek, Israel21c

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Amid Heavy Snowfall, Jewish Cemeteries Struggle to Bury Dead

Heavy snows, like these at Cherva Chai Odom,
a cemetery in Boston photographed on Feb. 3, 2011,
are disrupting Jewish burials in some parts of the United States.
(Barry Ostrow/Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts)
When Rabbi Edward Shapiro got the call on a recent Thursday night that a Jewish man had died in Minturn, Colo., he knew he was in for a challenge....

But in parts of the United States less accustomed to heavy snowfalls, the record accumulations this season are causing serious challenges for Jewish funeral directors accustomed to the speedy interment required by traditional Jewish practice.
-- Ben Harris, JTA

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Jordan’s Surprise Kings

Two kings that were peaceful neighbors to Israel, Hussein and Abdullah II, both rose to the throne in less-than-ordinary circumstances.

On February 7, 1999, exactly two weeks after his father named him crown prince on his deathbed, King Abdullah II ascended to the throne of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; the last minute appointment to the throne came as a surprise to Jordanians and to the world alike. It is unknown exactly why King Hussein made a last minute change to the order of royal secession, but his legacy and that of the generations of monarchs that preceded them, all playing significant roles in the modern history of the Middle East and specifically with Israel, live on through King Abdullah II. -- Michael Omer-man, Jerusalem Post 

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Op-Ed: Engaging Jews Means More than Better Marketing

For four days in January, Jewish leaders under 40 from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Holland, South Africa and Israel assembled in London at the Kolenu conference. Representing large city campaigns in their respective countries, they sought to enlighten and learn from each other as they explored issues of mutual concern.

These young volunteers expressed anxiety over the fact that many of their peers are not “buying” what Jewish community campaigns are “selling.” Attendees acknowledged that in each of their cities, Israel-centric fundraising and support for centralized campaigns have lost traction. To be sure, demographic research has affirmed this for a decade.

These self-proclaimed Israel advocates and builders of Jewish community gathered to rebut the trends by contemplating meaningful solutions and proposing alternative strategies.

Their deliberations were thoughtful and impassioned. As individuals, they remain undaunted. As leaders, however, they may be on their way to making the same mistakes as those who preceded them.-- Hal M. Lewis, JTA

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Op-Ed: American Jews Must Regain Focus on Middle East

Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi
The rapid changes in the Middle East are leading many in the American Jewish community to suffer from “analysis paralysis.” We have become so mesmerized by events in Cairo that we have stopped doing vitally important work to advance American interests and stability in the Middle East, as well as Israel’s security.
It is critical that we refocus our energies on what American leaders and citizens can do now:
  • Continue to work with our allies to expand and enforce sanctions against Iran, the largest state sponsor of terror....
  • Ensure that any new Egyptian government honors its peace treaty with Israel and continues its efforts to stop the smuggling of weapons into Gaza....
  • Let America’s Palestinian and Arab allies know that they should stop teaching their citizens, and especially their children, to hate Jews and Israel....
  • Veto Palestinian efforts in the United Nations to bypass Israel to create a Palestinian state....
  • Devise a solution to Jerusalem that will bring lasting peace and does not slice the city in half as if it were a pizza....
  • Reduce dependency on foreign oil....
  • Maintain aid to Israel, America’s most reliable ally in the Middle East....
--Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, The Israel Project, this op-ed piece originally appeared on JTA
 (Ms Mizrahi can be reached at

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Congregations Offering Loan, Grants to Lure Young Families

Stephanie Butler, shown here with son Eli,
is happy with the family's new life in Dothan, Ala.
(Temple Emanu-El)
They were looking to move anyway, said Stephanie Butler. And the $50,000 incentive being offered by Temple Emanu-El in Dothan, Ala., to young Jewish families willing to relocate helped tip the scales.

“We never would have looked at Dothan if not for this program,” she said.

The Reform congregation in Dothan is one of several dozen synagogues nationwide offering loans, grants and a variety of other incentives to attract young families to their communities. In addition to the loans, which are usually tied to down payments on a house and can turn into grants if the families stay long enough, most of these synagogues help newcomers to find jobs and direct them to friendly lawyers, contractors and mortgage brokers who often give them steep discounts. -- ‪‪Sue Fishkoff‬‬, JTA

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Hebrew Domain Names Finally Here

‪‪While current registration is under 'il' prefix, Israel Internet Association promises that in couple of months '' endings will be available as well ‬‬

If you've ever wanted to set up a website with a Hebrew name, like www.שלום (Shalom), then now is the time. As of December 26, the Israel Internet Association (ISOC-IL) allowed registering of domain names in Hebrew with the "il" suffix. The registration is available via the ISOC's official forms. -- ‪‪Omer Sachnai‬‬, Ynet news

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Diaspora: A Window into US Jewry

An Israeli delegation of senior gov't advisers travels to the US to see firsthand the challenges faced by Jewish communities there.

It is not an uncommon sight to see busloads of American Jews who have come here [Israel] to better understand Jewish identity and the Holy Land, sampling our cuisine and soaking up our culture. And while Israelis certainly flock to tour America, be it Las Vegas, Disney World or the famed “coast-to-coast,” it is rarer to find busloads of them arriving in America to better understand the American Jewish community.

One of those rare groups, a delegation of senior advisers to government ministers and parliamentary correspondents who spent more than a week in America trying to understand how the world’s largest Jewish community works, thinks and, yes, even eats, recently returned.

Jewish Federations of North America – the group behind many of the busloads traveling around this country – was also the driving force, together with the Prime Minister’s Office and the Diaspora Affairs Ministry, in turning the tables. -- Rebecca Anna Stoil, Jerusalem Post

Sabras tend to react to snow in a somewhat regressive manner, by reverting to the winter fantasies of their snow-deprived childhoods. Tensions within Binyamin Netanyahu’s coalition, and between journalists and politicos were fought out
during a latenight snowball fight in Washington’s Dupont Circle. Photo by borderstan

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